Welcome to the launch of Synthaholic

Welcome to the official Synthaholic website.

It’s good to see you’ve come. I’ll be publishing information primilarly about electronic music on this site, including my own music, but also other music-related posts such as audio gear or similar tutorials. I won’t be egotistically covering my own music, of course; but will be reviewing, breaking down, and analyzing my favourite popular music from across a myriad of genres, not just from the wonderful electronic scene.

I’m a computer programmer, electronic music producer and electrical designer in the field of electrical engineering. I generally play the keyboards and piano but have recently taken up the electronic woodwind instrument Akai EWI5000, which I use to play the tenor saxophone. I’m also a 3D printing enthusiast. It is my goal to publish articles on all of these particularly where they intersect.

At this stage it is unknown how much traffic this site will generate, so please bear with me if you find the site too slow. I will upgrade the connection if necessary.

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