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Are you new to the Akai EWI5000? Want to practice its fingering or hone in those skills? I’ve developed an educational entertaining game (high resolution images may take a while to load) that works effortlessly to help people memorise the fingering for EWI instruments. I found it very helpful in my journey as a beginner for sure. It was originally designed and created for my own personal use but then I thought it might come in handy for others too. Like most things I do, I’m giving it away for free. No ads on the webpage either.

Designed with the Akai EWI5000 in mind, the educational game will show you the keys being fingered, which is shown in bright gold, and ordinary keys in metallic silver. You simply click on the corresponding note with the blue buttons. The game starts by clicking on the green start button and ends when either the time runs out or the red stop button is pressed.

sax education

You can go with default game options or you can customise your own. Default setting sets the number of questions to ten and the time limit to thirty seconds. The default instrument mapping is for the saxophone. However, there is another option for the standard EWI itself. It is super easy to add maps for other EWI5000 maps by editing the source code. You simply add another array and set on and off with binary. The drop down box generates the options from the array so you don’t have to worry about the user-interface hacking. This is assuming you have basic skills in HTML.

Also, I have not tested this on many browsers so not sure how the aesthetic and functionality goes on more exotic browsers. Although I have tried my best to it is possible some of the binary mappings for the instruments may not correctly correspond with the Akai EWI5000 manual. Again, this easily fixed by toggling a binary value. Please contact me here via replies/comments so I can fix these bugs, if any.

Click here to play and learn with Sax Education! Please wait for all the images to load first and then you are ready to go. I shall be publishing an article soon on how I go about composing saxophone music using AudioModeling’s SWAM Engine and Saxophones with Cubase, so please come back to check for more.

Check out the EWI performance by this EWI master below who showcases the EWI quite well. He does plays it much more better than I can.

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